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Community What is "Fair Play"?

Discussion in 'Global Tournaments' started by Ch01W0n5h1n, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Deadboots

    Deadboots Resident Lethargarian Host Emeritus

    Nov 21, 2016
    Likes Received:
    Ch01W0n5h1n I think you’ve gotten your fair share of flak for this, but I honestly think it’s because your conversation and decision seemed hypocritical in nature. Fair play, as you’ve stated, is all about creating a level playing field (it also seeks to enforce certain etiquette standards, but the aforementioned is actually less relevant in this situation). A TD deciding that his or her opponent gets disqualified without seeking a more objective opinion is pretty much the definition of the opposite. Additionally, the “Fair Play” disclaimer regarding its use in your tour really seems like a footnote in the signup thread. DA had the right to step in because this was a PP “sanctioned” tournament; if you want to coordinate your own with stricter enforcement of etiquette guidelines in the future, I’d consider making that “footnote” more detailed, and include examples of behavior that won’t be tolerated.

    That said, I do think this is a difficult concept to “enforce”. During my second or third MT, I stated that activity and deadlines would be strictly enforced. About halfway through the tour, I realized that I’d have ended up with something like a 60% game completion rate had I stuck to my guns and without exception disallowed extensions past a certain point. Unfortunately for PPs TDs, our players are human and require a certain amount of flexibility in order to make a 32, 48, or 64-person tournament viable. The same goes for etiquette guidelines and their enforcement. Everyone has bad days playing Pokémon (and most of us need to express that in one form or another), everyone spaces scheduled matches sometimes, and miscommunications abound when it comes to scheduling with people from different parts of the world.

    I legitimately hope that you don’t base a decision to leave or become less active on our global mod disagreeing with your treatment of this situation. He did the right thing in calling you out, and it’s his prerogative to do so even if he isn’t right. If you’re still worried about the state or Fair Play on PP, I’d consider debating some of its most pertinent points and how to handle them with DA and Orth in order to determine whether or not it’s possible for PP to have an official, objectively determinable stance on things like purposefully rude communication and flaming in tour threads. If it is, it’ll take time to work out a policy that won’t be entirely oppressive.

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