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RBY 4U (Under3U) Seadra [GP Ready]

Discussion in 'Individual Analyses' started by Disaster Area, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. Disaster Area

    Disaster Area Little Ball of Furr and Power Member

    May 4, 2014
    Likes Received:
    Seadra [​IMG]
    Type: Water
    Stats: 55 | 65 | 95 | 95 | 85


    Seadra faces a lot of competition from the other Water-types in the tier, especially Blastoise, and should usually be run alongside other Water-types. Generally, Seadra is best saved to use in the lategame, as you want its checks weakened or statused for it to clean up. Its most defining trait is its speed - it speed ties Nidoking - and, combined with its Water STAB, it has the potential to be an effective cleaner.



    - Surf / Hydro Pump
    - Blizzard / Ice Beam
    - Double Edge / Hyper Beam
    - Hydro Pump / Rest

    Set Details

    A Water STAB is clearly necessary: Surf 2HKOs Nidoking which makes it the first choice, due to its reliability, but Hydro Pump can be run over or alongside it. Hydro Pump has a chance to 2HKO Porygon and the power difference compared to Surf is significant, which is why it's the first choice in the final slot. An Ice-type move is recommended too: it provides freezing potential, and lets it hit the uncommon Grass-types in the tier in Tangela and Weepinbell. Blizzard is preferred over Ice Beam since it 2HKOs Tangela and Weepinbell, although in practice the choice between the two is unlikely to make a difference. Double Edge or Hyper Beam is recommended in the third slot as a stronger move versus Water-type resists such as Blastoise and Staryu. Rest is a decent choice for the last move since due to its typing and bulk it has some staying power, but Seadra can get away with not running it.

    Other Options

    Seadra has a few other options in moves like Agility and Substitute that could potentially be useful. I'd say if you see a practical purpose in them, you can afford to forfeit a moveslot for it. Agility has some limited use, as there are a few Pokemon in the tier which it doesn't outspeed before an Agility boost, in Venomoth, Abra, Rapidash, Arcanine, Scyther, and Pidgeot, but in practice it's still unlikely to be useful. Substitute isn't that good of an option since Seadra doesn't force many switches: it's generally better off just attacking.

    Checks and Counters

    The typical responses to Pokemon such as Blastoise also generally respond well to Seadra too. Rest Blastoise, Staryu, Porygon, and Slowpoke all deserve a mention for being able to hold Seadra at bay, whilst Pokemon which outspeed such as Venomoth and Pidgeot merit some mention too for being able to revenge if necessary.


    Originally Lusch discovered the potential of Seadra. He ran it on an unconventional team where he used Seadra over Nidoking, using it to take advantage of the endgame. Whilst that's not generally recommended or necessarily an effective approach, it marked the introduction of Seadra to the metagame and emphasised how water-heavy the metagame actually was.
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