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  3. Tournaments

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Awarded Medals

  1. Awarded: Aug 26, 2017

    RBY OU Grandmaster

    Members who have collected 41.7% (5/12) of the maximum points in the Player Rankings without entering Intermediate and Rookie Tournaments.
    Reason: 70/150 points in RBY 1U Player Rankings #10, 71/156 points in RBY 1U Player Rankings #11 & 72/165 points in RBY 1U Player Rankings #12

  2. Awarded: Aug 26, 2017

    RBY OU Season Champion

    Season Winners
    Reason: RBY 1U Season #12

  3. Awarded: Apr 9, 2017

    RBY UU / 2U World Champion

    World Championship Winners
    Reason: RBY 2U World Championship #1 (2017)

  4. Awarded: Dec 31, 2016

    GSC OU Master Tournament Bronze

    3rd place players in Master Tournaments.
    Reason: GSC OU Master Tournament #5

  5. Awarded: Dec 31, 2016

    ADV OU Master Tournament Runner-Up

    Runner-ups in Master Tournaments.
    Reason: ADV 1U Master Tournament #5

  6. Awarded: Dec 1, 2014

    RBY OU Rankings Runner-up

    No.2 ranked players.
    Reason: 2nd in RBY OU Player Rankings #3

  7. Awarded: Apr 20, 2014

    RBY OU Master Tournament Champion

    Winner of Master Tournaments
    Reason: RBY OU Master Tournament #6 Winner