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    View Introduction to Tiers if you don't know what tiers are. Pokémon Perfect tiers are named differently to those on Smogon. A numeral followed by the letter U, e.g. 1U, 2U, 3U, represents a main tier on Pokémon Perfect – the '1' of '1U' representing the tier level. For a tier to be a main tier, it must be balanced (nothing is too powerful and game-breaking) and diverse enough (include a variety of Pokémon and strategies). A numeral followed by the letter P, e.g. 1P, 2P, 3P contain all Pokémon that are deemed overpowered in the respective 1U, 2U, 3U tiers. The 1st tier level allows Pokémon that are banned in the 2nd level, and this process continues down. Read the tier list, and in-depth explanations of the tiers naming system and tiering system. Also check out our analyses for all tiers.

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    For historical threads, check out Signups Closed, Finished tournaments and Results. We also have Nominations, Voting and Event threads for exhibitions – past and present.

New Profile Posts

  1. BluesEnergy00
  2. Shing
    Shing Tenshinhan
    DPP tour finals, gmt +2 and generally available after 4 pm in my timezone except on Saturday. Shing#0484 if you want to schedule ahead in there instead.
  3. kael
    kael SiTuM
    hi friend i send message for you in discord when do you can to play for gsc cup?
  4. BlessyZ
    BlessyZ Shing
    add me on discord to schedule
  5. AttackonSamurott
    AttackonSamurott GLFGno007
    Yo wer're playing for GSC tour. Here's my Discord. AttackonSamurott#7549
    1. GLFGno007
      I have Sent you a request, accept it when you see it so we can schedule
      Oct 14, 2021
  6. Quarante8
    Quarante8 Party B0y
    We play rby open, hmu on discord for easier schedule, 48#7396
    1. View previous comments...
    2. Party B0y
      Party B0y
      In that case lets do Thursday 14th at 8:30am (GMT+0) - I'm free most of the morning so I can be flexible as well
      Oct 13, 2021
    3. Quarante8
      Alright sure, see you tomorrow then :D
      Oct 13, 2021
    4. Party B0y
      Party B0y
      I'm on smogtours :)
      Oct 14, 2021
  7. TopLel TopKek
    TopLel TopKek Party B0y
    We play for RBY Open, GMT-5 here, wanna do this on Friday, 10pm your time?
    1. View previous comments...
    2. Party B0y
      Party B0y
      You're not here, so I'm going to nip out for a bit - I'll try and catch you later this evening
      Oct 10, 2021
    3. Party B0y
      Party B0y
      You're online on smogtours, I've PM'd you
      Oct 10, 2021
    4. TopLel TopKek
      TopLel TopKek
      I'm sorry, I totally forgot our schedule for today and was afk when you pm'd me, u still around?
      Oct 10, 2021
  8. Shing
    Shing Drogba in Shenhua
    DPP OU, gmt +2 available on thursday and forward, except on friday. How about u?
  9. BlessyZ
    BlessyZ Jimothy Cool
    Contact me on discord for scheduling
  10. Green on fire
    Green on fire pkLeech
    Hi, we have to play for the RBY OU Open 7. I'm GMT-3 and I prefer to play on weekends.
    1. View previous comments...
    2. pkLeech
      Oct 7, 2021
    3. Green on fire
      Green on fire
      Hi, i'm online
      Oct 10, 2021
    4. pkLeech
      Oct 10, 2021
  11. thunder109050
    thunder109050 Marcop9923
    adv open -5 my discord is BIG WILL#9974 would prefer weekend
  12. toytean
    toytean BlessyZ
    When bw ssnal of there
    1. BlessyZ
      Contact me on discord for scheduling
      Oct 4, 2021
  13. Jimothy Cool
    Jimothy Cool D_C_T_D
    hey we're playing in DPP. add me on Disc to schedule, i'm GMT+10. JimCool#1329
  14. Shakur
    Shakur Colteor
    when adv open?
  15. Voyager
    Voyager GLFGno007
    we play for gsc tour
    lets schedule on cord Voyager#1715
  16. aqh
    aqh SiTuM
    hello, we play for gsc open. im gmt+8, and have school on weekdays/saturday. im available 9pm to 12 am on those days and all day on saturday.
    1. SiTuM
      yo, can you do sunday 5 pm gmt+2?
      Sep 30, 2021
    2. aqh
      can do same time/earlier tomorrow
      Oct 4, 2021
  17. Shing
    Shing SiTuM
    gmt +2 when are you available to play?
    1. View previous comments...
    2. SiTuM
      Oct 3, 2021
    3. Shing
      when do you want to play bc it's sunday for me rn and I won't be available after 4 hours from now.
      Oct 3, 2021
    4. Shing
      As I'm up to play but after 10 pm in my timezone I'm pretty much asleep lol
      Oct 3, 2021
  18. thunder109050
    thunder109050 pokology
    adv open r2, im gmt -6. discord is BIG WILL#9974 if u wanna add me there, weekends prob easiest
  19. TopLel TopKek
    TopLel TopKek Ziyeh
    Hi, I sent you a friend request on cord so we could schedule for BW tour. hmu there
  20. kael
    kael K3NIX
    hi friend we need to play for bw cup
    add me in discord i add your discord but don't work

    my discord kael#4254