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New Profile Posts

  1. cityscapes
    cityscapes THUNDER CEBRA
    hey we're playing for gsc qualifier, i'm gmt -8, can't play before 4 pm on tuesday/wednesday or between 2-6 pm on thursday. most other times should work. when do you want to play?
  2. Disaster Area
    Disaster Area marcoasd
    you still about? we should probably add eachother on social media or something
  3. BlazingDark
    BlazingDark THUNDER CEBRA
    GMT +1, GSC Qualifier, whats your best availabilities ?
      sunday around 5pm -4
      Feb 12, 2020 at 4:16 AM
  4. HK-Ssi
    HK-Ssi sstj
    Hey, we play for the dpp tour, I'm+1 when are you available?
  5. gorgie
    gorgie GLFGno007
    gmt -5. when fight.

    are you on discord
  6. asbdsp
    asbdsp Lojh
    We're scheduled for GSC OU Qualifier. My timezone is GMT -5. I am available weekends from GMT 1400 to whenever in the evening. During the weekdays we would have to do between GMT 2230 to 0230, or possibly something like 0930 to 1100, so unless that works, this weekend after 1400 GMT is better. Look forward to ggs. :)
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    2. asbdsp
      I was looking for immediately at 5:30 due to our time difference, as too far after that gets late for me. Just let me know as soon as you're on, because I would be ready for games.
      Feb 12, 2020 at 10:22 PM
    3. Lojh
      Im on M Y N D G A M E S
      Feb 14, 2020 at 1:46 AM
    4. Lojh
      I cant get on tours can u go to main
      Feb 14, 2020 at 1:47 AM
  7. Dinas Oleu
    Dinas Oleu Quint
    Hi, we are matched for the GSC OU qualifier. My timezone is GMT-6. I am usually available late in the evenings and most times on the weekends. When are you available to play?
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    2. Quint
      I'm on main as Quint
      Feb 16, 2020 at 9:20 PM
    3. Dinas Oleu
      Dinas Oleu
      I'm on Showdown now. Message me under 'Dinas Oleu' when you are ready.
      Feb 16, 2020 at 9:21 PM
    4. Dinas Oleu
      Feb 16, 2020 at 9:49 PM
  8. cityscapes
    cityscapes HK-Ssi
    hey we're playing for gsc qualifier r2, im gmt -8, unavailable from noon to 3pm on tuesday/wednesday and from 2pm to 5pm on monday/thursday, most other times should work. when do you want to play?
    1. View previous comments...
    2. HK-Ssi
      friday sounds good to me
      Feb 12, 2020 at 4:12 PM
    3. cityscapes
      online rn, name is dragonquestcasino
      Feb 14, 2020 at 9:03 PM
    4. cityscapes
      confirming that we scheduled on disc for same time sunday
      Feb 14, 2020 at 9:46 PM
  9. asbdsp
    asbdsp Kev
    Trying to get ahead of this and be proactive in getting in touch. We're scheduled for GSC OU Qualifier. My timezone is GMT -5. I am available weekends from GMT 1400 to whenever in the evening. During the weekdays we would have to do between GMT 2230 to 0230, or possibly something like 0930 to 1100, so unless that works, this weekend after 1400 GMT is better. Look forward to ggs. :)
  10. Quint
    Quint Excal
    GSC ou quals. Can you play tomorrow? Gmt +1
  11. HK-Ssi
    HK-Ssi LeoShakur
    Well seems like you’re my opponent, when dpp tour, can’t sunday, and I’m +1
  12. sstj
    sstj SOMALIA
    dpp tour gmt-5. I can play every night or weekend time
    1. SOMALIA
      Does anytime today work within the next 5 hours?
      Feb 8, 2020
    2. SOMALIA
      I am gmt+0 so your night doesnt work, its past midnight for me. I can do anytime today or tomorrow till about 5pm your time
      Feb 8, 2020
    3. sstj
      i can play now
      Feb 8, 2020
  13. So Noisy
    So Noisy No 41 st
    dpp qualifier , im gmt+5:30, and i prefer the weekend, would prefer to schedule on discord if possible.
  14. Oibaf
    Oibaf SOMALIA
    when for bw tour? gmt +1
    contact me on discord pls oibaf#6429
  15. HK-Ssi
    HK-Ssi NightFox
    Hey, when for dpp tour? I'm +1
    1. NightFox
      Hi. Can we play on saturday? I'll be on at your 9-10pm.
      Feb 5, 2020
    2. HK-Ssi
      That's fine by me
      Feb 5, 2020
    3. NightFox
      Nice, see you then.
      Feb 6, 2020
  16. Mysterious M
    Mysterious M Quint
    hey we play dpp, wanna do today? gmt+2 can evening/night (also added u on cord!)
    1. Quint
      Alright! I pmed you on Discord!
      Feb 3, 2020
    when wanna play gsc tour im -4
  18. Dinas Oleu
    Dinas Oleu No 41 st
    Hi, we are matched for the GSC OU qualifier. What time are you able to play tomorrow? I'm GMT -6 and would prefer to play before 10am my time.
    1. Dinas Oleu
      Dinas Oleu
      The deadline has been extended to the end of Sunday. I can play anytime after 8 on most days, as well as weekend mornings.
      Feb 4, 2020
  19. HK-Ssi
    HK-Ssi CalamityGreed
    Hey I’m your opponent for the gsc thing in the end, when can you play, I’d guess we can have some extension if needed
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    2. HK-Ssi
      I'm up rn if you wan to go earlier
      Feb 8, 2020
    3. CalamityGreed
      i can play in a bit
      Feb 8, 2020
    4. CalamityGreed
      im ready when u are
      Feb 8, 2020
  20. Louna
    Louna Kiichi
    hey rby qualifier when i'm gmt+1 and available during my evenings
    1. Kiichi
      hey, gmt-3 and pretty much available any hour after my 3pm, ur evening is ok for me too so just pick a time and I'll make it
      Jan 31, 2020
  21. cityscapes
    cityscapes Haru
    hey we gotta play for gsc qualifier r1. i'm gmt -8, i can play at any time over the weekend. if that doesnt work we can get an extension. lemme know what time works
    1. Haru
      yes, weekend works, u can usually find me on PS as haru
      GMT -3 btw
      Feb 1, 2020
  22. Bushtush
    Bushtush HK-Ssi
    gotta play for gsc, disc is Bushtush#5320,im est and can play whenever
  23. Oro
    Oro Conflict
    Hi , BW Qualifier R3, When do u want to play ,i can play today in evening ,Thursday and Sunday other day i can't
    Gmt+1 Lmk
  24. asbdsp
    asbdsp Caasi
    We're scheduled for GSC OU Qualifier. My timezone is GMT -5. I am available weekends from GMT 1400 to whenever in the evening. During the weekdays we would have to do between GMT 2230 to 0230, so unless that works, this weekend after 1400 GMT is better.
    1. asbdsp
      We have another week for this, so let me know.
      Feb 3, 2020
  25. SamuelBest
    SamuelBest SvartPest
    Hello, when can you play for GSC qualifier?
    1. View previous comments...
    2. SamuelBest
      Well we have until next sunday, but keep in mind we have to play another round this same week after this, when are you available?
      Feb 2, 2020
    3. SvartPest
      Friday 6:30 PM GMT+1?
      Feb 5, 2020
    4. SamuelBest
      Okay this time I forgot fr, just take the win.
      Feb 7, 2020
  26. Triangles
    Triangles Dinas Oleu
    What is up my dude i added you on disc but you didnt accenpt. We gotta play some GSC. Im +1 and can do whevenr
    1. View previous comments...
    2. Dinas Oleu
      Dinas Oleu
      I'll be on Showdown in 15 minutes.
      Feb 1, 2020
    3. Triangles
      ok cool, on as triangles
      Feb 1, 2020
    4. Triangles
      Feb 1, 2020
  27. Oro
    Oro Decode
    hey , gsc this time ,when do u want to play ,available in week during the evening 6pm until 9pm and free all week afternoon until 9pm , lmk
    1. Oro
      Finally i can't play friday and saturday. i can play today , thursday and sunday , lmk please
      Jan 29, 2020
  28. Oro
    Oro Altina
    hi , bw qualifier gmt+1 i don't want to play after 9pm my time so i can play in week 6pm until 9pm , pref play afternoon in weekend anyway , lmk
    1. Oro
      I can play Today , tomorrow and Sunday , lmk please
      i can't friday and saturday for irl reasons
      Jan 29, 2020
  29. BlazingDark
    BlazingDark Whydon
    hey, GSC Qualifier, GMT +1, whats your best availabilities ?
  30. BlazingDark
    BlazingDark Raiza
    Hi, we're paired for the BW Qualifier, i'm GMT +1, i can play every night from wednesday
    1. View previous comments...
    2. BlazingDark
      is it possible to play a bit later ? im sure to be at home at 9pm
      Jan 29, 2020
    3. Raiza
      Jan 29, 2020
    4. BlazingDark
      im on the main, we can play once you're ready
      Jan 29, 2020
  31. sstj
    sstj Shortage
    hey adv pp r3. gmt-5 here. I can do my time every night
  32. Louna
    Louna EB0LA
    hey EB0LA we play for RBY Qualifier i'm gmt+1 and available during my evenings
  33. snøfall
    snøfall Waveshaper
    dpp qualifier im gmt+1 friday evening or weekend work best for me
    1. Waveshaper
      weekend would be great. let’s continue this on disc. i’m Ghid0rah#1455
      Jan 27, 2020
    DPP OU Qualifier, I am gmt+1 can't play on wednesday and thursday, my discord is egalvanc#6176 if you want to contact me through that way
  35. sstj
    sstj Hiro'
    dpp pp r2. i'm gmt-5. How about my weekend afternoon (my time)?
    1. View previous comments...
    2. Hiro'
      i'm good with that
      Jan 28, 2020
    3. Hiro'
      hey i'm on smogtours as hiroz, if you wanna play earlier feel free to pm me there
      Feb 1, 2020
    4. sstj
      Is it okay for u to wait until 9:30 ur time? I’m still trying to get back sry
      Feb 1, 2020
  36. NJ18
    NJ18 Altina
    Hey dpp tour I'm gmt+5:30
  37. Vay
    Vay Quint
    Hello, when do u wanna play for dpp qualifier ? (My discord is vay#7581 )
    1. View previous comments...
    2. Quint
      Wednesday is a not possible for me. We can do Friday 6PM if that's okay?
      Jan 27, 2020
    3. Vay
      Jan 28, 2020
    4. Quint
      I'm on main as 'Quint'
      Jan 31, 2020
  38. Conspire
    Conspire Conflict
    Hi, nice to meet you. I can play any day this week but Tuesday and Sunday, I will prefer some time in the day in my timezone GMT -8 If you can do this.
    1. View previous comments...
    2. Conflict
      usually go to bed around 1-2am so chances are we can play. sat/sun im also usually free during my nights.
      Jan 27, 2020
    3. Conspire
      11:30 PM your time on Friday sounds good?
      Jan 28, 2020
    4. Conspire
      Sorry, please take the win, cnat play this right now
      Jan 30, 2020
  39. GLFGno007
    GLFGno007 basewave
    hey dude when do you wanna play for gsc tour?
    SOMALIA hero
    When is best for dpp man? gmt+0 can do my evenings
  41. cityscapes
    cityscapes The Quasar
    hey we're playing for gsc qualifier. i'm gmt -8. can't play at all tomorrow but after that my schedule is pretty free
    1. The Quasar
      The Quasar
      Thanks for your message, I'm GMT+1. What do you think to play this Thursday, around 11.30 am your time? I can play a little later but until 1 pm your time. Let me know
      Jan 27, 2020
    2. cityscapes
      sure, 11:30 should work fine. see you then
      Jan 27, 2020
    3. The Quasar
      Jan 28, 2020
  42. Sadlysius
    Sadlysius SOMALIA
    BW R2, I'm on vacations so sorry for taking so long. I'm -3, we could play tomorrow if you want :)
    My discord is Sadlysius#8002
    I only usually respond to tour scheduling messages on discord so please contact me there, my ID is egalvanc#6176
  44. Foggi
    Foggi Yovan
    adv tour im gmt+2 available today and tomorrow when do you want to play?
  45. Foggi
    Foggi Marcop9923
    bw tour when? gmt+2 free tomorrow and today
  46. 4th prince
    4th prince ziloXX
    hello, when are you available to play?
    EGALVANC HaiderAli
    Hey DPP OU Qualifier, I am GMT+1 when would you like to play? Try to contact me on discord, It would be easier as I am nearly always there. egalvanc#6176
    1. HaiderAli likes this.
      I am available during the weekend.
      Jan 24, 2020
  48. Mister Tim
    Mister Tim Oibaf
    hi, when dpp
    1. View previous comments...
    2. Oibaf
      I didn't see the message but i've been online since a bit earlier than midday. Also you could have said that you were up to play at that time instead of just writing the exact moment you went online
      Jan 26, 2020
    3. Mister Tim
      Mister Tim
      Yeah, I missed on Saturday coz I got unexpected work and saw your msg this morning and wrote that I'm online. Can you play at 10-11pm gmt+3?
      Jan 26, 2020
    4. Oibaf
      I suppose I can play at about 1 or 2 am gmt +1
      Jan 26, 2020
  49. hclat
    hclat Kiichi
    hey, when play for adv tour? i'm -5.
    1. Kiichi
      I'm gmt-3 usually free any hour after my 3pm, any day would work for me
      Jan 22, 2020
    2. hclat
      my schedule's pretty unpredictable these days. Is there a name I can find you on? I'll probably be available at your 3pm today.
      Jan 22, 2020
  50. Jaajgko
    Jaajgko Caetano93
    Hi we're paired for rby qualifier, i'm available tuesday evening gmt+1 , and all day on the week end. What are your availabilities ?
    1. View previous comments...
    2. Caetano93
      Ok. you can call me on discord or find me at smogtours (i should be on watching spl games as DR Caetano93)
      Jan 26, 2020
    3. Jaajgko
      I'd need to play a bit later actually, around 11pm+1
      Jan 26, 2020
    4. Jaajgko
      you can just stay on smogtours and watch some games and if I don't show up before 12pm you can take the win
      Jan 26, 2020